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How We Protect Land

We accomplish all of our land protection work through cooperative means, partnering with willing landowners. Further, we do not regulate land use. Instead, we provide tools and opportunities for landowners to carry out their dreams for their own properties to ensure that their children and grandchildren may enjoy the land just as they do today.

MVC protects land in three primary ways:

  1. MVC enters into conservation easements with landowners. This tool allows people to retain ownership of their land, allows them to continue to live on the land (and in some instances, farm it), and allows them to sell the land or give it to their children or other relatives. At the same time, the landowners are assured that the conservation values of the property will be protected forever by MVC.


  2. MVC takes ownership of land to create nature preserves. These nature preserves provide homes for wildlife, as well as allowing the public to enjoy thousands of acres of recreational land throughout the year, for free.


  3. MVC engages in ecological restoration work to restore native natural communities to functioning, healthy states. We remove invasive plant species and use tools like prescribed fire to restore prairie and savanna habitats.  

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