Wilton Hemlocks

Wilton Hemlocks

This 89.14-acre property is Mississippi Valley Conservancy’s first nature preserve in Monroe County. The site was protected for its nearly half-mile stretch of the meandering Kickapoo River, diverse sedge meadows and forested seeps, alder thickets, hemlock relict, and oak forest.

Hemlock relict is considered an ecological gem that is unique to this area and is considered an imperiled habitat worldwide. Hemlock trees 150 to 200 years old grow above the river, which is flanked by conifer-clad sandstone cliffs, springs and seeps. Wilton Hemlocks is one of the Conservancy’s best sites for early spring wildflowers, with the woodlands carpeted in pink spring beauties and false mermaid weed, and the wetlands with marsh marigold, swamp saxifrage, and skunk cabbage. The bird-life is exceptional and is within one of the “priority blocks” within the Wisconsin Breeding Bird Atlas.

The Wilton Hemlocks property was generously donated to the Conservancy by Eric and Inese Epstein for education, research and multi-faceted opportunities for enjoyment of the natural world for future generations to enjoy.

Activities allowed: The property is open to the public for hiking, bird-watching, nature photography, fishing, canoeing, and snow-shoeing.


Monroe County

89.14 acres meandering the Kickapoo River

Land Type
Nature Preserve

Address: 25690 Hwy 131, Wilton, WI 54670

At the intersection of Main Street (CTH-M) and Hwy. 71, head south on Main Street. In one block turn right at Center Street. Go three blocks and turn left (south) onto WI-131 S (S Water St). Go approximately 1.25 mi and park along the road near the northwest corner of the property.