Sharing the love at New Amsterdam Grasslands

students harvesting prairie seeds
Conservancy Stories

We are thrilled to report on all the great restoration work done by For The Wild volunteers in the past two weeks at New Amsterdam Grasslands, a fabulous nature preserve protected thanks to you, our supporters. Multiple volunteer crews came out in the same week and made many improvements that will be beneficial for the Bell's vireo and other grassland nesting birds that call this place home each spring and summer.

On October 4, celebrating their first annual Cooperative Day of Service, Dairyland Power and Vernon Electric Cooperative sent a crew of 24 employees (above) with a powerful forestry mower and other specialized equipment to clear an overgrowth of woody brush that was spreading into the grassland.

On October 6, 45 seventh-graders from Logan Middle School (above) came out with their teacher, Scott Bagniefski, to harvest seeds from the native plants at New Amsterdam Grasslands so they could be used to reseed the areas cleared by the Dairyland crew just a couple of days before. 

On October 9, Altra Financial sent a team of 8 employees (above) during their Altra Gives Back event to harvest more seeds for the replanting.

BIG THANKS go to all these amazing volunteers who experienced the beauty of New Amsterdam Grasslands while helping to make it even better for all who enjoy visiting – especially the grassland nesting birds who depend upon this special place to raise their young.

Volunteer work on the nature preserves is more than fun – it also offers many outdoor learning opportunities for all ages. It's a great way to get outdoors and meet new people or join friends and colleagues during the cool days of fall or at any time of year. If you or your organization are interested in offering a day of service at a nature preserve in your area, please visit the volunteer page on this website or contact Genesis, our Restoration Coordinator, for more information.